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2015年に日本で開催された世界的なストリートアートフェスPOW! WOW! JAPANへの参加をきっかけに、翌2016年にもPOW! WOW! TAIWAN, POW! WOW! LONG BEACHにも参加し、世界中のストリートアートシーンに名が広まる
2016年からは拠点をニューヨークに移し活動中。2017年、ART BATTLE in NYで2度優勝


Born in Shiga, Japan in 1976. Based on street art, Dragon76's artwork is passionate and energetic. It " touches our soul" and constantly evolving. The concept of his art style is "the coexistence" of two opposites such as past and future, stillness and motion, evil and justice.
He also performs improvised and dynamic live painting shows around the world and always attract many audience. 
In 2015, he was invited to well known art festival, POW! WOW! JAPAN, and since then he has joined POW!WOW!TAIWAN and POW!WOW!LONG BEACH.
In fall of 2016, Dragon76 resides and work in NY where his art and style continue to progress.In 2017, He won ART BATTLE in NY 2 times.

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