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Travel Film Maker | Photographer

1989年生まれ 神奈川県出身

グラフィックデザインを専攻後、映像制作会社、ニュージーランドへの留学を経て、2016年よりYoshi Travel Films名義で活動を開始



2020年に世界中のストリートアートの魅力を日本に伝える為、『Artist Files』をローンチ。
またペインターの聖地横浜グラスルーツにて初個展『The World’s Muralism』を開催する。

Travel Film Maker | Photographer

I was born in 1989 and raised in Kanagawa, Japan.
Through film and photography, I want to show a world that I’ve never experienced before.
I would like to document my adventures through travel, art, music and different life-styles.
I showcase emotions and feelings, which cannot be described through words.
I have created promotion videos for events, such as “Sea Walls: Artists for Ocean”,

hosted by Pangea Seed of an Environmental conservation group.
This event is in a different country each year, and I provided videos and photos in the U.S.,

Canada, and New Zealand events.
Also, I participated in KaaBoo Del Mar, which is a festival of music and art in San Diego.

I am based in Queretaro, Mexico and working with Nueve Arte Urbano in 2017.

Now based in Kanagawa, Japan.

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